Apr 7, 2009

50 Papers to be Presented at the 4th Nakem Conference in Honolulu

Honolulu-The Abstract Selection Committee of the 4th Nakem Conference to be held at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa from November 11 to November 14 has selected 50 papers for presentation at the conference. Another panel consisting of five more papers and dealing with the Ilokano intellectual tradition since the 19th century will also form part of the conference.

The papers deal with the sharing of heritage, multicultural education, and various issues related to sharing heritage, heritage language teaching, emerging knowledge on the Ilocos and Amianan, cultural pluralism and democracy, and the Ilokano-Amianan politico-historical discourses. Some speakers will come from Australia, Bangladesh, India, The Philippines, and Canada.

The 4th Nakem Conference is chaired by Aurelio Solver Agcaoili and co-chaired by Lilia Quindoza Santiago and Raymund Llanes Liongson. Together with Clem Montero and Julius Soria, the five faculty members representing UH Manoa, Leeward Community College, and Kapiolani Community College form the conference’s Steering Committee.

The steering committee is looking for student volunteers who will help with the registration, documentation, technology assistance, and conference proceedings. For updates on the 4th Nakem Conference, please log on to any of these dedicated sites: http://www.manoa.hawaii.edu/ilokano/nakem_updates/index.htm, nakemconferences.blogspot.com or

For inquiries, email: The 4th Nakem Conference Secretariat, nakem2009@yahoo.com or nakemconference@yahoo.com.***

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