Jun 9, 2009

Publisher's Note:

At the outset, I would like to welcome our new member of the OBSERVER ohana, Eva Rose B. Washburn-Repollo as our Visayan columnist. She currently

teaches Basic Communication and Intercultural Communication at Chaminade University. She is also a Cebuano-Tagalog Interpreter and Translator and a Language Tester for Cebuano for the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

She is finishing her PhD at the University of Hawaii. She was the past president of the Silliman University Aloha Chapter in Honolulu.

She is married to Curtis Anthony Washburn, Director of Advising and Retention at Chaminade University.

Thanks Eva for sharing your expertise with the community.


The recent Barrio Fiesta was again another success story. Aside from the traditional activities of the event, fiesta organizers have added a new attraction like the popular Filipino game “sungka.”

What’s surprising is the low turn out of Filipino organizations that participated in the event; most of the booths were church-related associations. What happened to the almost 60 unit organizations under the umbrella of the Maui Filipino Community Council?

Whatever the reasons for those organizations that didn’t join this year, we hope for more cooperation and collaboration next year.

With the close proximity of the Memorial Day with the fiesta, I think it would be more fitting for the last day of the event to schedule an activity of honoring and remembering our Filipino-American veterans who sacrificed their lives for the sake and love of the country.


On June 12, the Philippines will celebrate its 111th proclamation anniversary of Independence Day. But the question remains, is the Philippines really independent? Or the country is still waging war against itself and embracing the tyranny of multinationals exploiting the country’s natural resources in the guise of helping improve the local economy?


This month focuses on the Fathers. The Bible has clearly defined the vital role of fathers in the family as the spiritual leader, provider, and nurturer.

Happy Father’s Day!

Aloha and Mabuhay!

CJ Ancheta

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