Dec 7, 2009

Publisher's Note:

            He is the Reason for the Season

            Every December, the whole Christendom around the world commemorates what is believed to be the most celebrated holiday of the year which is Christmas. This is the time when people from all walks of life celebrate the holiday season by attending masses or worship services, spending time with family members, adorning the house and Christmas tree, shopping, and gift giving.

            At the rate the economy is going—furloughs, layoffs, and increasing unemployment rate,  can we ever truly celebrate Christmas?  If we equate the holiday season with what money can buy, then, given these tough economic conditions, the season augurs gloom and not enjoyment, hopelessness and not a renewed belief in life.

            There would be a hundred ways to creatively respond to these hardships, and each might come up with a unique way of coping, including that  unique way of enjoying the season at whatever cost.

            Some might go on the route of worrying what to give to their loved ones—or the possibility of doing the extreme: forget the gifts. For some, it could be going through the motions of celebrating.

            Whatever the situation is, the many others would let the water roll off their back and look at this season as the time to rejoice because it commemorates the coming of the Saviour.

            What is the significance  of this most celebrated holiday season of all times?

            Apostle Luke recorded the first Christmas in Luke 2:9-10 and as foretold by the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

            This how God showed His love to us---by sending His Son Jesus Christ to be incarnated among us. Jesus is the perfect role model for everyone. He is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and gentleness. When we exhibit and experience His attributes, for me, that is the real meaning of Christmas.

            The material gifts we receive this holiday season are temporal compared to the eternal gift of salvation Jesus is giving to everyone. He is the reason for the season!

            On behalf of the staff of Fil-Am OBSERVER, I’m extending my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to our readers, contributors and most specially to our advertisers for  making  the newspaper a reality. We are committed to continue serving the Filipino-American community and the larger community as well.

            A blessed Christmas to all of us! May the peace of Christ reign in all our hearts.

            Aloha and Mabuhay!


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