Jan 6, 2011

Filipino Origami Style Lantern Bags First Place

KAHULUI, Maui-- Aimed at promoting awareness of recycling, Binhi at Ani and KPMW launched the First Lantern Festival last December 18. The lantern contest solicited 18 participants.   According to Pepita Cajudoy, the criteria for judging were creativity and  originality using recycled and indigenous materials
First place went to Gloria Piano who submitted a lantern  made of hundreds of folded colorful magazines glued together and shaped into a star. This resembled a Filipino-origami style and art of  folding papers. Prize was $500.00 donated by Gary Sagayaga.

Second place was submitted by  Maui High School seniors: Jonathan Ranchez, Bjay Utrera, Kimberly  Bartolome and others   with  Mrs. Elvira Elegino as their adviser. The lantern was made from indigenous materials like ipip-ipil pods and malungay seeds. Prize was  $ 300.00 donated by Lisa Gapero, Helen Ilin & Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio and Zoraida Flores.

Third place was a lantern made from recycled aluminum soda cans, plastic cups, drinking straw and cut colored magazines. It was submitted by Maui High School freshmen: Genesis Cawigan, Jennica Mae Aban, Edelene Parilla, Jessiebel Dahilig, Danica Manzanillo, Michelle Calaycay with Ms. Ivy Elegino as their adviser. Prize was $ 150.00 donated  by MLU Asian Food Mart

Consolation prizes of $ 50.00 gift certificate  went to: Brittaney Latayada, Sigrid Latayada, Rachelle Pacubas, Elizabeth Whitehead, Doris Saribay, Lahaina Filipino Catholic Club,and Audryana Latayada.

Participation prizes of $25.00 gift certificate went to:  Elvie Casinas, Mila Lat, Arsenia Arocena, Regie Agbayani, Rey Anthony Mendoza,  Norman Guillermo, Valley Isle Church of Christ(Youth), and Maui High Club c/o Chelsey Borges.

The judges were: Lucy Peros (chairperson) and members: Melen Agcolicol, Leon Bolusan, and  Ryan Sagayaga.

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