Sep 10, 2012

Fil-Am Observer September 2012 Issue

No contents here. FIL-AM OBSERVER moved to a new website:  


Cover Story   -COVO Holds Statewide Convention and Awards
                      by John Colmenares
Front Page    -OLA Conference Revisit Ideas, Ideals, and Practices
                      by Aurelio Solver Agcaoili
                     -UPAAH Installs New Officers for 2012-2013
Page 3           -Editorial: Primary Lessons from the Primaries
                     -Publisher's Note: Let's Agree and be United
                     -Kallautang: The Ilokano Language Speaks the Ilokano People
                       by Dr. Aurelio S. Agcaoili
Page 4           -No Nangato, Sukdalem: Power Back to the People
                       by Yungib A.V. Ramil
                     -Nailangitan A Banag: Ad-adda a Pagsidsiddaawan Dagiti Aramid ti Dios
                       by Rev. Walter T. Baloaloa
                     -Migrant Mouse: Getting By
                       by Ie Agcaoili
Page 5          -Di Nakapappapati, Ngem Pudno: Ania Daytoy Domestic Violence, kunam Kaili?
                      by Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
                    -Kumunidad: A Multicultural Shipboard Community
                      by John A.H. Tomoso
Page 6          -Imulat ang Isipan:Where Have All the Monies Gone?
                      by Atty. Lance D. Collins
Page 8          -Sakada Feature: Patrick "Patrocino" Ulep, An 'Old-timer' from Nagrebcan
                      Sakada Corner by Lucy Peros
Page 13        -Immigration Matters: Filipino swarm Republicans convention but why is Philippine Ambassador Cuisia attending?
                      by Atty. Emmanuel Samonte Tipon
                    -Visa Bulletin
And              -Local & International News, StarLight News, kdpy...

Pasiaren Itan!

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