Dec 11, 2009

ARNOLD BAXA Retires After 35 Years in Service

WAILUKU, Maui-- The Department of Housing and Human Concerns announced that Immigrant Services Program Coordinator, Arnold Baxa, retired on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 after nearly 35 years of dedicated service to the County of Maui.

Baxa will be replaced by Kevin Block who comes to the department with a long history of public service including the Legal Aid Society, and most recently as the Assistant Director of the Being Empowered and Safe Together [BEST] program at Maui Economic Oppurtunity [MEO]. Block earned his law degree in 2000 from the New College of California in San Francisco.

The Immigrant Services Division is responsible for assisting immigrants with interpretation, translation services that assist them with acculturation.

For more information, visit or call the County of Maui's Department of Housing and Human Concerns Immigrant Services Division at [808] 270-7791.***

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