Feb 4, 2010

Bantay Receives Life-saving Vehicle

Through a  joint generous support of Bantay, Ilocos Sur Mayor Samuel Parilla, Bantay Association of Maui, and  Ilocos Sur Congressman Ronald Singson, an ambulance was presented to the  Bantay community in the Philippines  last December.
The story of the gift of an ambulance  began in 2001, when then Mayor Chinita Parilla, on her visit to Maui, mentioned the need for emergency services to Marietta P. Carino, a member of the Bantay Association of Maui (BAM). In 2006, in response to the request from BAM members, Ms. Carino consented to taking on the leadership of the organization and was elected to be it's new president.
Fortunately, in 2007, Samuel C. Parilla, succeeded his wife in the mayorship of Bantay. On his visit to Maui, Mayor Parilla made an official request to BAM for assistance to buy a much needed, new ambulance for the municipality.
This request generated excitement from the BAM members, who were happy to help their township in the Philippines with such a life-saving purchase. Several ideas were implemented to raise the necessary funds for this gift opportunity. First, monetary donation came from BAM members, as well as their families, friends and business associates. Second, garage sales brought donations of items to sell from members, friends and supporters from the community . Third, longanisa (a popular Filipino sausage) was sold continuously for two years. Fourth, and lastly a large percentage of the monies received for advertisements included in the BAM 25th Anniversary Celebration Souvenir Book went to the ambulance fund.
The purchase price was $23,000.00, for which BAM  contributed $14,000.00 and  $ 9,000.00 donation from Congressman Ronald Singson.
Thus, this story has a happy ending and the Municipality of Bantay is now able to provide the emergency medical services they had wished for and greatly needed for almost a decade. Of special note is the fact that this is the first time in it's 25-year history that BAM has given support of any kind to their township. Mayor Parilla is eager to share the message found on the front of the ambulance, that reads "Dur-as Bantay", the municipality's motto, because "dur-as" means moving forward and upward. It makes him even happier to know that Bantay is the most progressive municipality in the province.
On behalf of the deeply appreciative people of Bantay, the municipal Council sent a Resolution of Gratitude (SB Res. No. 33/09), signed on December 07, 2009, by the Mayor, vice-mayor, and all it's nine members, which reads, in part:
"Whereas, through the untainted concern and selfless affection of the members of the Bantay Association of Maui (BAM), Hawaii, who generously volunteered to give an initial amount for the realization of the aspired service vehicle, the Municipal government was able to purchase a brand new ambulance for the exclusive medical and transportation needs of the people of Bantay.
Resolve further, to thank the President of the BAM, Ms. Marietta P. Carino , for all her support, able leadership and sincere collaboration, without which such endeavor would not have been made possible."

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