Mar 13, 2010

ANDREW ANDAYA, SR.; A Hardworking Man, A Caring Provider

By Lucy Peros
Sakada Corner
Fil-Am Observer March 2010 Issue
Page 8

THIS is the story of a hardworking man who was also a caring provider for his family and relatives.

Andrew Andaya was born in Dasay, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur on July 10, 1912. In 1926, at only 14, he came to Hawaii together with his uncle. They left Port Salomague, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur with hopes and dreams for a better life.

Even at that young age, Andrew was already mature and ready to work at Hawaiian Commercial and Sugar Company [HC &S]. He was a very strong man. His first job was cutting sugar canes with sharp cane knives. He bundled them up and carried on his back. There were no machinary to do those jobs during those days. He was paid 75 cents a day. Then he became a dump truck driver, collecting the rubbish from the mill and the fields and dumped them in proper places. He held on this job until he retired, at 62, in 1974.

Andrew lived in Alabama Camp in Puunene, Maui. Alabama Camp was a very special place where many fun activities were held at the Filipino Clubhouse. There were social dances galore where young men went for fun. Rizal Day celebrations were also held there.

In NOvember 1961, at age 49, Andrew decided to go back to the Philippines to find a wife. In Dasay, Narvacan, Ilocos Sur, he met a very beautiful yong lady, Perlita Valdez. There was no doubt in his mind that she should be the perfect wife for him. Andrew's brother was assigned to go to Perlita's parents to tell them of Andrew's intention to marry their daughter. Perlita's parents accpeted the proposal- the danon- without reservations. On December 14, 1961, Andrew and Perlita exchanged vows at Lucy's Chuurch in Narvacan town. A grand reception followed in Dasay, at Perlita's home.

Andrew came back to Hawaii soon after their wedding. Perlita followed him on March 19, 1962. They lived in Alabama Camp in Puunene for a few years then moved to Kahului in 1964 beacuse the Puunene Camps were about to phased out.

Perlita worked at the Maui Pin Cannery as a packer until 1968. In 1972, she worked at HC & S until her retirement in 1995. At HC & S, she took care of young cane plants, drove a tractor, served as control crew worker [controlled the conveyor for cane stalks for planting], and installed pipes for drip irrigation.

Andrew and Perlita have two caring children, Pauline and Andrew Jr. Pauline is married to Robert Tiu and works at Maui Federal Credit Union as Operations Manager. They have three children: Nathan, Brittany, and Jacob. Brittany is presently a student at Seattle University hoping to be a pharmacist. They also have a grand daughter, Kaila Faith.

Andrew Jr. is married to Baby  and works at HC & S. They have three childredn: Julia Sunshine, Chelsea, and Anson James.

Pauline Tiu had these heartwarming words to say about her Dad: "May Dad was a very hardworking and caring man. He always wanted the best for his children, better than that he ever had. He emphasized to us the importance f education and to make something out of ourselves. He was my baby sitter when I had my first baby, Nathan. He was a good husband to my Mom. He was a great cook. He can cook anything even the best pinapaitan- the fresh beef soup dish. I missed his cooking a lot. When my Mom came home from work, he was already done with the cooking for our dinner. I love my Dad. I was his pet. I miss him."

Andrew Sr., passed away on January 6, 1990.

Perlita became a naturalized US citizen on December 22, 1965. She and Andrew were instrumental in petitioning her parents, Federico and Francesca Valdez, her brothers Ernesto, David, Reynaldo, Alex, and Roger, her sister Mila Fontanilla, her sister-in-law, Narcisa Andaya, and her nephews, Henry, Oscar, Melchor, and Larry Andaya. Perlita even took a second job to help finance their expenses in coming to Hawaii.

Perlita's advice to her contemporaries is to travel whenever possible, exercise, and just enjoy life.

Her advice to the youth is to study hard and no to forget to attend church services.

Perlita keeps herself busy by babysitting  her great grandchildren and raising beautiful flowering plants such as euphorbias and orchids. She belongs to the Christ the King Church Choir and Maui Basic Christian Community.

In 1996, Perlita remarried a very nice, kind, and loving man, Ireneo Casino. They both enjoy going on cruises, trips, and taking care of their great grand children and their beautiful plants. *

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