Jun 6, 2013

Fil-Am Observer June 2013 Issue

[No complete contents here. Fil-Am Observer moved to a new site: www.filamobserver.com]   

FIL-AM OBSERVER JUNE 2013 ISSUE @ filamobserver.com
Cover Story  -2013 MISS MAUI FILIPINA PAGEANT, Bridging the Past, Present, and Future
Front Page    -Foundation Announces 2013 Scholarship Recipients
                    -Honoring the Fallen Heroes
Page 3          -Editorial: Philippine Independence and Father's Day
                    -Publisher's Note: Making Our Heritage Alive The Barrio Fiesta Experience
                    -No Nangato, Sukdalem: Sixto Lopez: "Ardent Filipino Patriot"
Page 4          -Ask To Mayor: Mayor Alan Arakawa answers some of the most-asked questions submitted to his office staff
                     by Mayor Alan Arakawa
                    -Di Nakapappapati, Ngem Pudno: Uray Bassit A Tiempo
                     Ni Rudy Ram. Rumbaoa
                    -UFCH Corner: Santacruzan and Filipino Fiesta
                     by Jennie Quezon

Page 5          -Spiritual Matters: Pursuing Faith
                     by Rev. Chris Martin
                    -Komunidad: Move On
                      by John A.H. Tomoso
                    -So, What's New?: Manila, Philippines: "The Gates of Hell"
                     by Yungib A.V. Ramil

Page 6          -Miss Barrio Fiesta 2013 Emmaleann Guzman

 Page 7          -Sakada Feature: Silvestre Galano Davalos, Learned and Benevolent
                     Sakada Corner by Lucy Peros
Page 9          -Little Miss Barrio Fiesta: Jadyne Dominique Zane 2013
 Page 12        -Immigration Matters: Deportation relief is discretionary
                     by Atty. Emmanuel Samonte Tipon
                    -Visa Bulletin for June 2013, Family Categories

And many
more            -Local & International News, StarLight News, kdpy...

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